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Paul Kent recalls MWASB origins on Macgasm

During a 2010 interview with Neal Pann on Macworld Conference and Expo’s changing focus, conference general manager and Macworld All-Star Band guitarist Paul Kent talked about the band’s beginning:

“Originally it was an idea of Macworld’s Chris Breen and myself. We wanted to put together a group of Mac industry people to jam at Macworlds. Ilene Hoffman had an interest in taking over the legacy of the Mac the Knife parties – so we now had a venue and the basis for a band. Ilene referred drummer Dave Hamilton from The Mac Observer, and bassist Chuck La Tournous from RandomMaccess– both very accomplished musicians – and we had a foundation. Bob LeVitus on guitar, Duane Straub on bass, were added to the group as we prepped for the first gig at Macworld NY 2001.

The band has truly becom...

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